Day 1: Food Fear Shifter Brain Shot

A Medical Medium 20 Day Brain Shot Therapy Challenge Replay

Today is the first day of the Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy 20-Day Challenge. You can join the challenge here.

Today we are talking about food fear, which can develop for multiple reasons, such as an eating disorder, a physical symptom you notice after eating a certain food, or because someone has misinformed you about a certain food that has caused you to fear it. No matter what the reason for food fear, the Food Fear Shifter from the Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy can help.

It’s also helpful if you’re upset about what you’ve been eating lately, you have an unexplained dislike or fear of certain foods that are healthy, or you’re having a hard time letting go of a comfort food that’s harming you. You can sign up to participate and get the recipe here.

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For the Food Fear Shifter recipe and instructions, follow the video above and click to view the recipe below:

Food Fear Shifter

Food fear can take different shapes and forms. For example, apply this shot on a regular basis if you’re living with an eating disorder.The Food Fear Shifter is also a useful tool when:So...


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