Bring on the drinks! The healing drinks that is!

Join me, Anthony William, for the free 2-Day Medical Medium Wild Blueberry Drinks Challenge. We will be sipping and savoring delicious drink recipes every day that feature wild blueberries as the star ingredient. Wild blueberries are brimming with antioxidants and anthocyanins that offer so much for our health and wellbeing.

The Wild Blueberry Drinks Challenge is a fantastic way to get acquainted with some incredible drink recipes that you and your loved ones can enjoy over the holiday season or for any celebration or time with friends or family. Instead of having the normal popular holiday drinks that only diminish your health, you can choose these incredible wild blueberry drinks and know you are building your health up. 

Whether it’s for holidays, social gatherings, or just to enjoy yourself at home, these drinks offer you the best of both worlds–flavor and nutrition.

PARTICIPATE in the 2 DAY Challenge:

STEP 1: Sign Up and get the FREE GROCERY LIST


Sign Up to the CHALLENGE to receive details on HOW TO PARTICIPATE, plus download the Wild Blueberry Drinks Challenge Grocery List for FREE so you can get what you need to make the recipes with me for the two days of the Challenge. You will receive a welcome email and daily emails walking you through the challenge. 


What does the Challenge cover?

The first day of the Medical Medium Wild Blueberry Drinks Challenge begins when you Sign Up. I will be sending you an email to follow along. I will be making the recipes for each day, talking about how wild blueberries have helped so many people with their health challenges throughout the years and how they can help you.

Each day of the Challenge, I will be making the following healing tools and recipes:

Day 1: How Alcohol Destroys The Brain

  • Brain Detox Tonic
  • Wild Blueberry Apple Cider
  • Wild Blueberry Orange Sangria

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Day 2: Why Alcohol Is Addictive

  • Sparkling Wild Blueberry & Lime Juice
  • Wild Blueberry Latte
  • Medical Medium Adrenal Fight or Flight Brain Shot - while the other recipes are just as tasty as they are nutritious, this particular recipe isn’t intended to be a great-tasting party drink. Instead, it’s a powerful healing tool to cope with the stress, busyness, and challenges of the season!
Blueberry Challenge


Post about the Challenge

Enjoying the Challenge or experienced for yourself how wild blueberries have helped you? I would love to see your posts, reels and stories about the Wild Blueberry Drinks Challenge. Use both the hashtag #medicalmedium and tag @medicalmedium when you post about the challenge so I can see them and repost some of your experiences to share with the community! 

Love and many blessing  


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You’ll also find many more recipes starring wild blueberries, along with so many other delicious recipes to enjoy! These books are a fantastic accompaniment to the Challenge. I so look forward to having you join me for the Wild Blueberry Drinks Challenge.


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