Medical Medium Light Blast

Spirit of Compassion will be sending down a powerful Blast Of Light upon the entire audience that instantaneously unblocks negative energy and old wounds so that everyone's healing process immediately re-ignites and we all move forward together with greater healing and vitality.

It's truly a rare and breath-giving experience that can't be missed, and will strengthen your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, long after you witness the Medical Medium Light Blast.

I've been receiving a lot of questions about the Medical Medium Light Blast. Questions about what it is, how it works, and what it’s helpful for. Today I want to share some more information and a video with you about this gift I was given from Spirit of Compassion.

When I received my gift at age four from Spirit of Compassion, I was given the ability to know what is wrong with the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of any person, and how they can heal.

At the same time I was given the ability to ask Spirit of Compassion to bring healing, sacred Light down from Heaven and send it through anyone around me so that their body’s healing process can be ignited.

This Light Blast also begins to remove old wounds, injuries and hardships that are caused by having our trust broken many times over our lives. The Light Blast is truly a miraculous gift from above, and over the decades I’ve witnessed its effects on people around me over and over again. To learn more about the Medical Medium Light Blast and how I received this gift, watch the video above.  

Light Blast

In the past, Medical Medium Light Blast events were sold out, meaning that many people were unable to partake in this healing opportunity. Those who missed their chance and those who have received and experienced the Light Blast all have been asking me to bring this event back, which is why I am pleased to announce its return, and even more pleased to announce that the Medical Medium Light Blast will be a virtual audio event. Not only that, but the Medical Medium team and I made the decision for now to undertake and host it free of charge to you, regardless of what the cost is to us. The chance for the light to help everyone and anyone move their life forward should not be deterred because of it being a financial endeavor, nor should there be a paywall blocking the healing light from getting to those in need.


Registration for this exclusive event, hosted only a few times a year, will be available to those subscribed to the Medical Medium Newsletter. Look out for the registration email, as capacity for these events are limited due to the technology we have access to, our team assistance and costs at our end that we have to bear in order to bring this very special and powerful service to you. I hope you will join me in connecting with the light from above.


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