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A Medical Medium Light Blast testimonial:

Parents Previously Naysayers

Light Blast, What People Are Saying

Repost from @chou.aurelius

Light, light, light! Thank you @medicalmedium and Spirit of Compassion for The Light Blast, blessing us with this light to heal. It's a day to remember. 

During the session, I asked to be healed and to allow me to help those who are in need, allow me to be able to share @medicalmedium info to help them heal too, at a time that is right for them to readily receive.

Many years ago, my parents would have thought I was crazy if I told them about @medicalmedium info and more so if it was a Light Blast event. I wouldn't have known how to explain, or convince them to be part of it. They would be so skeptical about it. But I guess there's a time for everything to be in place. My dad (though reluctant at first) started with celery juice, eliminated 80% meat, eggs, dairy and healed his severe eczema breakout. Today, he is a firm believer of celery juice while still working his way to have a better diet. It's never easy for our aging parents because some habits are deeply-rooted and diet is one of them.

Today, having my parents, my sister, and my cousin be part of The Light Blast is miraculous. I am eternally grateful to @medicalmedium, Spirit of Compassion, and the team behind.

Let's continue to share, spread @medicalmedium info to more people, so they can have a chance to heal and be a better version of themselves. Let's grow this community!


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