Day 16: Radiation Exposure Brain Shot

A Medical Medium 20 Day Brain Shot Therapy Challenge Replay

We’re All Exposed To Radiation

We absorb radiation from many sources, some of them near constant in our lives and some of them infrequent yet potent. Any radiation exposure instantly travels through the body and bones. In the long term, radiation shrinks organs—and the brain is an organ. It’s one reason why we need to be careful with radiation: even everyday encounters with it can result in mild brain atrophy. More serious brain atrophy can occur from more serious radiation exposure.

We are exposed to radiation through obvious sources such as dental exams, X-rays, and other medical imaging such as CT scans. There’s exposure from plane flights, cell phones and other devices, contaminated food and water, being near someone who just got an X-ray or other medical imaging test, and the continual atmospheric fallout from past nuclear disasters such as Fukushima. There are other ways we are exposed, too, along with radiation we inherit through exposures our parents and their parents and their parents received, and so on.

In Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes, I share how to effectively remove radiation from the body, because it doesn’t naturally leave on its own. I also share the Medical Medium Radiation Exposure Brain Shot, which is a healing tool you can use when you know you’ve been exposed to radiation.

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For the Radiation Exposure recipe and instructions, follow the video above and click to view the recipe below:

Radiation Exposure

This is a supportive shot for circumstances such as:Airplane travelWalking through airports or being close to airport scanners or baggage scannersBeing close to luggage that has gone thro...


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