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VIDEO: Stretch Marks

Recorded LIVE on October 23, 2023

In this video:

People work really hard to lose weight and when they finally lose those extra pounds, they’re left with stretch marks. The reason for stretch marks is first of all we expand and experience tissue growth. But if we look underneath the skin at the bottom layer, the derma, what you’ll find is that the elasticity of the derma is gone. That’s why skin repair has to start deep within the derma.

Vitamin C is known for its immune system health benefits, and for good reason! This star antioxidant is a vital nutrient we all need in one form or another. Micro-C is my preferred vitamin C product available at this time because it’s buffered vitamin C, which means it’s not as acidic as other forms of vitamin C like ascorbic acid. I have found that people who are sensitive prefer buffered Micro-C and it’s easier to digest. It’s also enhanced with rose hips (a favorite of mine), rutin, grape seed extract, and acerola cherry. Micro-C is also made without any natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, caking agents, or poor quality fillers.

Vimergy’s Micro-C Immune Power (contains exactly the same ingredients as the Micro-C capsules, with added silica from organic bamboo extract for enhanced collagen support and skin, hair and nails. Since the Micro C Immune Power has been out, I have already heard so many people are loving it. I endorse Vimergy because they are unmatched in their quality and cleanliness, and their supplements make a real difference in people’s health.

Vimergy’s MSM supports the health of hair, nails and skin in combination with providing seasonal immune support. Right now, as the seasons change, having supportive supplements can make a huge difference in your health and wellbeing. Medical Medium skin potion utilizes the MSM capsules alongside the Micro-C Immune Power to promote healthy skin and immune system.

Receive a FREE Lemon Balm 115mL with your purchase of Micro-C Immune Power 250g or 500g, plus save 5% on Vimergy’s MSM capsules.

Make MM Skin Potion - Micro-C Immune Power™ MSM & FREE Lemon Balm Plus Save 5% - VALUE SIZE

Make MM Skin Potion - Micro-C Immune Power™ MSM & FREE Lemon Balm Plus Save 5% - FULL SIZE

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